Areas of Expertise & Services

  • MS

    Marketing Strategy

    Audit, review, develop and execute specific strategies based on target markets and product/service offerings.

  • TMP

    Target Market Profiling

    Determine key target markets, and develop profiles for each target level.

  • MA

    Marketing Audit

    Thorough audit to check consistency of branding, key messaging and general image of the business.

  • MP

    Marketing Planning

    Develop and collaborate on marketing plan to coincide with business objectives.

  • MM

    Marketing Materials

    Develop strategies and content for delivery of key marketing materials. (Flyers, newsletters)

  • SM

    Social Media

    Develop social media strategies and enhance existing profiles.

  • WE

    Workshop Execution

    Customised workshops including strategy and marketing plan development.

  • VP

    Viability Proposals

    Research proposed business ideas and determine viability for profit in the determined market.

  • CA

    Competitor Analysis

    An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.